About Us

The People

An American (Maggie) & Briton (Dom) based in San Francisco, California and trying to explore this huge world we live in.

In early 2018, we bought a used 2009 Dodge Sprinter with the dream of converting it into a comfortable living space for us to adventure in. We were working full-time in the tech industry in SF, but dedicated almost every single weekend for five months to converting the van, and any free moment to researching how exactly we accomplish it with no experience. The hard work paid off, and in July, we left our apartment lease, put our furniture in storage, and set off to see the United States.


The Name

The concept of “bite size travels” refers to the idea that not all travel needs to be grand in scale, or lengthy. The original thought in joining the #vanlife movement was for us to be able to take trips over long weekends and holidays to explore California and the PNW, which we still plan to do after we return to San Francisco.

The van gives us the flexibility to travel without renting a car, booking an airbnb, or eating at expensive restaurants, while also providing the comfort of our own bed and belongings. It means we can:

  • drop our kayaks in a lake we’ve stumbled upon
  • snack before the hanger sets in
  • sleep in when we want to (rather than worry about check-out times)
  • nap after a long hike, on top of a mountain

The Blog

We’re hoping to produce content that:

  • Gives insight into vanlife – the good, the bad, the ugly
  • Helps those curious, prospective, or lost about how to convert a van from square 1
  • Inspires you to travel, or gives you ideas for your next trip